Friday, December 22, 2017

Sweet tofu, pineapple and cranberry cups

I really love challenging myself and I wanted to put up some breakfast/ brunch recipes for this "Vegan Holidays" series.
And I also wanted to make this recipes easy, different and in advance, because I really don't want to cook on a holiday morning.
So I came up with 2 recipes tofu and pineapple based - one sweet and one savory.
Both of them are so good! I can barely restrain myself from not eating the entire tray in one sitting.
They are husband approved also, and this is really important, as he isn't really a big fan of tofu. But this breakfast cups disappear so fast!
Ok, enough with the chit chat, let's see the sweet recipe!

Ingredients (makes 12 cups):

** 400 g (1 sheet) puff pastry dough (I used store bought, as most of them are actually vegan)
** 340 g (1 can) pineapple, chunks, unsweetened or lightly sweetened, drained (or fresh, if you have a ripe one)
** 160 g (1 small block/ 1/2 big block) firm tofu
** 135 g (1 cup) cranberries, dehydrated
** 50 g (5, tbsp rounded) chickpea flour
** 2 tsp vanilla extract
** pineapple juice from the can or plant milk of choice
** sliced almonds for topping
** more cranberries for serving

Preheat your oven to medium heat. Keep your puff pastry in the fridge until you're ready to use it.
We're gonna use a food processor for this recipe. Toss your tofu, cranberries, some of the pineapple juice – about 2-3 tbsp – and half of your pineapple in the food processor and pulse until they're broken up. Add the rest of the pineapple, flour and vanilla extract and process until everything is well blended, but you still have some pineapple and cranberry chunks.
Take your puff pastry dough out of the fridge (you want it to be cold, not frozen), and roll it if it's not already rolled. Cut in 12 squares and line a muffin tray with the pastry dough, making your cups.

Fill your cups with the mixture (about 1.5 tbsp in each cup). Top every cup with a few sliced almonds. Bake on medium-low heat for 30 minutes or until your pastry is puffed and golden-brown.

You have the last video before Christmas (featuring both recipes) here:

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