Friday, October 6, 2017

Fluffy pumpkin bread

It's the pumpkin season!
Ok, this season comes with some annoying things too, like cold weather, rain, end of summer... But guys, PUMPKIN! and apples, and baking!
Here is already pretty cold, but now I have an excuse to use my oven and bake some things :)
Like pumpkin bread!
This version is fluffy but still moist, oil free and refined sugar free.
I used peanut butter as my fat and unrefined brown sugar as sweetener.
It's perfect for breakfast, desert or as a snack, with some nut or seed butter... Yum!
Let's see how this delicious bread is made!


- 250 g (2.5 cups) oats (I prefer to use quick oats) 
- 115 g (1/2 cup) brown sugar 
- 12.5 g (2.5 tsp) baking powder 
- 1 g (1/2 tsp) baking soda 
- 1.5 g (1/4 tsp) salt 
- 4-8 g (2-4 tsp) pumpkin pie spice 
- 350 g (1.33 cup) pure pumpkin puree 
- 160 ml (2/3 cup) plant milk of choice 
- 50 g (1/3 cup) raisins/ goji berries/ aronia berries/ chocolate chips/ cranberries 
- 65 g (1/4 cup) peanut butter 
- 2 flax eggs (2 tbsp flax meal + 6 tbsp water)
- 1 tsp lemon juice 


Blend 2 cups of oats into a fine flour. Let 1/2 cup of oats just like that, for texture.
Preheat the oven (medium heat) for at least 20 minutes.
Make the flax egg and set it apart.
Mix the dry ingredients into a bowl (keep the dried fruits/ chocolate chips for later). Add the wet ingredients to the dry ones.
Mix until you have a batter. Add the dried fruits or chocolate chips and mix until evenly distributed.
Line a baking pan with parchment paper and bake for 60 minutes (or until a toothpick comes out clean) at medium-low heat.

Nut or seed butter of your choice if you don't have or eat peanut butter, but take care not to use something too overpowering (like tahini)
Sweetener of choice instead of brown sugar
Ground chia seeds instead of ground flax seeds in the "egg"

For the video version of this recipe you can go here: 

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